Inaugural Issue



Issue Editor:
Dr. Sitaleki Finau


Guest Editorial
E. Pretrick, Pages 004-005

Original Papers
Vitamin A deficiency and Otitis Media in Chuuk State, Micronesia
M. Pryor, J. Pryor, J. Manning, S. Manning, R. Rudoy, J. Stewart, G. Dever, S. Stool, Pages 006-012
Rheumatic fever in Micronesia
W. Alto, T. Rikin, L. Falanruw, K. Roby, P. Gallen, V. Skilling, K. Remit, Pages 013-018
Breast feeding: its effect on birth interval in Chuuk
T. Takashy, Pages 019-023
German Micronesia and the beginning of medical and health education
D. Ballendorf, Pages 024-025

Case Reports and Short Communications
Mucinous carcinoma of the rectum in a 28 year old woman in Saipan
G. Koman, S. Weinstein, Pages 026-027
Anatomical basis of sex functions
I. Nikishin, Pages 028-030
Nutrition of mothers and infants in Tonga
R. Latu, Pages 031-033
Marijuana in Chuuk
I. Oneisom, Pages 034-038

Conference Reports and Papers
Iri Ki Nga Tanagaroa: in anticipation of better days
I. Ramsden, Pages 039-043
Health care in the Pacific: who would bell the cat?
S. A. Finau, Pages 044-056

Viewpoints and Perspectives
Pacific doctors and nurses: union or divorce towards the year 2000?
S. A. Finau, Pages 057-058
What can we do to prevent suicide in the Pacific?
F. Hezel, Pages 059-062
Nutrition, growth and childhood obesity: a viewpoint
S. Aho, Pages 063-066

Book Reviews
AIDS and Tourism: Implications for Pacific Island States. N. Lewis.
Reviewed by M. O'Leary, Pages 067-068
Aspects of old age in Fiji. N. Plange.
Reviewed by J. Samisoni, Pages 069-070

Pacific Health Institutions
Pacific Basin Medical Officers Training Program (PBMOTP)
G. Dever, Pages 071-072
South Pacific Alliance for Family Health (SPAFH)
J. Sukwianomb, Pages 073-075

Journal Abstracts
Pages 076-079
PHD Editors
Sitaleki Finau and Rex Hunton, Pages 083-083