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EDITOR Sitaleki A. Finau, Director Pasifi ka – Offi ce of Assistant Vice-Chancellor
(Maori and Pasifi ka) Directorate Pasifi ka@Massey,
Albany Campus, Massey University, New Zealand.

ISSUE EDITOR ‘Eseta Finau President Tongan Nurse Association of New Zealand,
Langimalie Clinic, Onehuga, Auckland.

EDITORIAL ASSISTANT Azima Mazid – Offi ce of Assistant Vice-Chancellor
(Maori and Pasifi ka), Directorate Pasifi ka@Massey,
Albany Campus, Massey University, New Zealand



Guest Editorial
Eseta Finau, Page 5

Special Feature
Fiji National Health Systems Research Workshop
By: Shareen Swastika Ali, Page 7-12

Original Papers
Fiji’s Health Management Reforms (1999-2004) A Case Study
By: Audrey Aumua, Janice A. Lewis, Graham Roberts, Page 13-20
A double-blind Clinical Safety Study of None-Fruit Juice
By: Brett J. West, C. Jarakae Jensen, Leland D. White, ‘Afa K. Palu, Johannes Westendorf, Page 21-32
Cross-infection Potential of Impression compound
By: Arpana Devi, Page 33-38
Effectiveness and efficiency of the two Trolley System as an infection Control Mechanism in the Operating Theatre
By: Viliame Tuisawana, Page 39-44
Forty Six Years of Health Financing in Fiji (1962-2008)
By: Dharam Lingam and Graham Roberts, Page 45-54
Health Promoting Behavior Among Chronically Ill Pacifi c Islanders Living with Non-Communicable Disease in Fiji, Nauru and Kiribati
By: Philip Szmedra, K.L. Sharma, Cathy L. Rozmus, Page 55-66
Suicide in Tokelau Islands
By: Alapati Tavite and Silivia Tavite, Page 67-84

Conference Report
Fiji National Health Systems Research Workshop: Program and Abstracts
From the Workshop Participants, Page 85-106

Viewpoints and Perspectives
The Pacific Advisory Group: Some insights on its role in the Health Research
By: Nite Fuamatu , Jean Simpson , Anne Allan-Moetaua, Margaret Southwick, Page 107-116
Does the Granting of legal Privileges as an Indigenous People Help to Reduce Health Disparities? Evidence from New Zealand and Malaysia
By: Kai-Lit Phua PhD, Page 117-128
Nash: Genius with Schizophrenia or Vice Versa?
By: Tevita Funaki, Page 129-138

Case Study and Short Communications
Pacific Health Professional’s perspective on Midwifery Service in Aotearoa
By: Violani’Ilolahia (Lani) Wills, Page 139-142

Talanoa Oceania 2008 Coference: “Mana, Vanua, Talanoa”
From Jione Havea, Page 143-150
Talanoa Oceania 2009 Conference: ‘Lotru, Tapu, Tikanga “
From Nasili Vaka’uta, Page 151-158
Pasifi ka Medical Association 2009 Conference: “Kaveinga Ora”
From ‘Oloka Vaha’i, Page 159-196

PHD Matters
Editorial Assistant – Azima Mazid
Page 197
Editor – Professor - Sitaleki A. Finau
Page 198

Remembering Dr. Terence A. Rogers
By: Ben Young and Gregory Dever, Page 201

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