Health in Palau and Micronesia



Guest Editorials
Victor Yano, Steven Kuartei, Greg Dever, Page 4-10

Special Features
Status of Public Health in the Republic of Palau
Sandra Sumang Pierrantozzi, Page 11-13

Original Papers
A study of the effects of social change on health in the Republic of Palau
S Kermode, J Tellei, Page 14-21
Obesity, bone status and dietary intake of Palauan elderly congregating in a Senior Citizen's Centre
Y Yoshimoto, M Sakuma, C T O Otto, Page 22-32
The sale of 'out of date' foods in the Republic of Palau
K Y McCreadie, Z O'Leary, Page 33-37
Microbiological safety of ready-to-eat foods in Republic of Palau
M Umezaki, J M S Kingzio, E Ridep, et al, Page 38-42
Preventive intervention for early psychosis in adolescents The Palau Youth At Risk Project
M Myles-Worsley, L Mord, H Ngiralmau, et al, Page 43-46
Helicobacter Pylori infection rates at a family practice in Pohnpei, Federated States of Micronesia
B A Isaac, Page 47-51
Medication usage in Majuro, Marshall Islands
A Harding, Page 52-58
Major Lower Limb Amputations in the Marshall Islands:
K Harding, Page 59-66
Prenatal Care in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands
A M Fox, T Parker, Page 67-74
Stillbirths in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana
A M Fox, T Parker, Page 75-80
Coral stone landscape and pterygia; is there an association?
B H Keni, Page 81-83

Viewpoints and Perspectives
Incest in Palau
S Kuaetei, Page 84-91
Environmental Sacredness and Health in Palau
S Kuartei, Page 92-95
Human resource development in environmental health for Palau: A model program for Micronesia and the Pacific
J M S Kingzio, E Ridep, G J Dever, et al, Page 96-98
Palau's current and future capacity for disaster management
Rykken, P Heiderscheit, S Kuartei, et al, Page 99-104
Environmental and expression of the thrifty genes
S Kuartei, Page 105-109

Pacific Health Institution
The Palau AHEC - Academizing the Public Health Work Plan: Capacity Development and Innovation in Micronesia
G Y Dever, et al, Page 110-117
Republic of the Marshall Islands: Planning and Implementation of a dental caries prevention for an Island nation
O K Tut, M H K Greer, P Milgrom, Page 118-123
Diabetes today - Reports from the field
R L Kuhaulua, K L Braun, H M Ichiho, et al, Page 124-131

Case Reports and Short Communications
The Republic of Palau and the Pacific Island Health Care Project (PIHCP)
Donald A Person, Page 132-140
The use of appropriateness criteria for the selection of clinical preventive services for a Pacific island health service
AM Durand, K Dechenrong, J Ngirasowei, et al, Page 141-144
Cardiac tamponade from slingshot metal darts in Chuuk: A retrospective review of cases
Arsen JC, Rmit K, Yichiro O, Page 145-148
Viral diarrhoea epidemic - impact on a small island pharmacy
A Harding, Page 149-152
Oral cancer inccidnece disparity among ethnic groups on Guam
R Haddock, Page 153-154
Treatment of a mild chronic case ciguatera fish poisoning with intravenous mannitol, a case study
G Mitchell, Page 155-157

Review Papers
Oral carcinoma associated with betel nut chewing in the Pacific: an impending crisis
J M Carpenter, M J Syms, J C Sniezek, Page 158-162

Book Review
Who will keep the public healthy? Educating public health professionals
K Gebbie, L Rosenstock, L M Hernandez, Page 163-166

Letters to the Editors
On testifying at Senate Confirmation Hearings for a New Minister of Health for Palau - Where are we going in Health
S J Kuartei, Page 167
CDC Pacific Health Initiative: The Palau Community College Center for Emergency Health
W Wally, J Tellei, G Dever, M Keim, Page 168
What the heck is AHEC?
K Withy, Page 169-170
Training and coordination for Pacific Island Health Services: the problem of distance and the Peacesat program
MarkMark M Durand, Page 171-172

Abstracts on Palau from Pubmed
S Finau, S Naqelevuki, Page 173-191

PHD Matters
From the Editorial Assistant - Setita Naqelevuki
Amith Koleth, Page 192
From the Editor
Sitaleki A Finau, Page 193