Pacific Public Health 2



Guest Editorial
Eseta Finau, Page 4-5

Original Papers
The Seafood Nutrition-Health Paradigm of South Pacific Islanders
Kronen M, Snowdown W, Schultz Tunidau J, Page 6-11
Food Insecurity, malnutrition and mortality in Maewo and Ambae Islands, Vanuatu
Andre M N Renhazo, Page 12-21
Dental Anxiety in Fiji
Zac Morse, Aleva F Takau, Page 22-25
Attitude/Practices of Oral Healthcare Provider to management of HIV/Aids patients in the Pacific
Afolabi Oreoluwa Comfort, Manisha Vandana, Terry Cuttress, Jonacani Tuisuva, Zac Morse, Leenu Maimanuku, Page 26-30
Participatory operational research of the dynamics of th primary health care programme in Fiji
MC Asuzu, BP Ram, M Salusalu, M Lal, S Tuqa, Page 31-37
Dental Health of Fiji Institutionalised Ederly (2003)
Afolabi Oreoluwa Comfort, Tema King, Mishella Moveni, Jonacani Tuisuva, Page 38-43
Boold Pressure Monitoring amongst Fijian General Dental Practitioners
Lucio F B Soares, Zac Morse, Page 44-46
The Glycemic Index (GI) and Glycemic Load (GL) of Five Commonly Consumed Foods of the South Pacific
Jimaima Lako, Subramania Sotheeswaran, William Aalbersberg, K P Sreekumar, Page 47-54
Medical Emergencies in Dental Practice in the Fiji Islands
Zac Morse, Vimal K Murthi, Page 55-58
Fijian Participation in Health Research: Analysis of MEDLINE Publications 1965-2002
Hien D Cuboni, Sitaleki A Finau, Iris Wainiqolo, Giuseppe Cuboni, Page 59-78
Haemophilus in influenza type b infection in Children in Pacific countries
Russell FM, Carapetis JR, Mansoor O, Darcy A, Fakakovi T, Metai A, Potooi NT, Wilson N, Mulholland EK, Page 79-83

Case Reports and Short Communications
Schizotypal Traits in a Non-Clinical Sample from Hawai'i
Jason Schiffman, Page 84-86
Csyticercosis of the tongue - A diagnostic dilemma
Sangita Bhandary, Rakesh Singh, Prahlad Karki, Arvind K Sinha, Page 87-88
Burkitt's lymphoma of the jaws: role of dental practitioner in management
Afolabi Oc, Page 89-93

Review Papers
Cannabis in Papua New Guinea
David Macdonald, Page 96-101

Viewpoints and Perspectives
Re-examining community based research protocols
Mary F Oneha, Sheila Becham, Page 102-106
Retaining Pacific cultural values in modern health systems
Madhukar Pande, Sitaleki A Finau, Graham Roberts, Page 107-115
Health Risks of Including Alcohol and Tobacco in PICTA free trade
Linda Hill, Page 116-120

Pacific Health Institution
The Hawaii/Pacific Basin AHEC - Training the health workforce in select medically undeserved areas of the Pacific
Kelley Withy, Page 121-123

Abstracts from the viral workforce 2004: Unfinished business and new challenges, Whakatane, New Zealand
Sitaleki A Finau, Eseta Finau, Page 124-132
The importance of seat restraints: a short annotated bibliography
Saia Piukala, Page 133-136

PHD Matters
From the Editorial Assistant
Sitaleki Naqelevuki, Page 137
From the Editor
Sitaleki A Finau, Page 138